Course Details / 課程簡介

Mandarin for Adult Designed for expatriates and oversea … 繼續閱讀

Legal Service / 法律服務

Learning Mandarin – Legal 学习普通话 – 法律 &#8211 … 繼續閱讀

Equities market/ 股票市場

Learning Mandarin – Equities 学习普通话 – 股票 课程目标: 专为金 … 繼續閱讀

Private Lesson / 私人授課普通話

私人授課普通話會話工作坊(單對單) 對象 適合任何欲學好普通話人士 入學資格 具壹般中文閱讀能力 課程特色 單 … 繼續閱讀

Pricing / 定價

每人每小時學費 每人總續費(港幣) 私人教授(1對1輔導) Package A     18 小時 260/h … 繼續閱讀

Mandarin for Children

“Play and learn" is the theme of our children&#82 … 繼續閱讀


Part One – Professional Module / 第一節 – 專業版

This is an 8 Chapter course catering to financial planning professionals with some industry experience and possibly already dealing with mainland clientele on a regular basis. We’re going to cover specific areas within the scope of planning and analysis, investment products, funds and other key knowledge essential to closing the deal.