Corporate Mandarin Lessons 企業普通話課程

企業普通話課程As we all know, having employees with good Mandarin language abilities is one of the key to success in China. It’s paramount that any organizations seeking success in China first equipped themselves by taking these courses. As we all know that, employees’ Mandarin language abilities are paramount to any organization wanting to compete in China’s rapidly growing market.

Our training instructors have intimate knowledge of China’s business and cultural practices and are distinctly qualified to cater to the linguistic needs of corporations across a broad range of industries, including: commercial banking, investment banking, mutual funds, securities brokerage, forex trading, investment counseling, insurance, legal, accounting, engineering, logistics, trading, property andtravelling and so on.

Whatever your company requires in corporate language training, we can design Charter Lessons customized to suit your needs.

Mandarin Training for Corporations / 商用普通話課程 – 企業版
Charter Lessons / 公司合約課程

Courses / 商用普通話課程:

These lessons are customarily targeted to a small groups of employers from the same company or organization. Classes are small and usually limited to fewer than 10 students. CDB can design a special program of study to meet the company’s requirements.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you’re interested in our courses or contact us via various other channels in social media or just give us a ring at the office. We’ll get back to you ASAP.



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