Free Mandarin Workshop 免費普通話工作室


According to ConsultDB 2009 statistical analysis, over 70% of interviewed candidates possess far below professional standard during initial interview assessments.

根據我們 ConsultDB 2009 年的統計顯示,超過七成應徵者普通話面試在於一般水平之下。

How can we get ahead of others and overcome Mandarin language barriers during interviews?


Come to our weekly free mandarin workshop this Saturday from 2-4pm. Please RSVP by commenting below or click ‘Attend’ on our Facebook Event. Space is limited so please confirm ASAP to reserve your seat.

誠意邀請您這個星期六, 2-4pm到來參加我們的免費普通話工作室。請在本頁下面留言登記。或者到我們的 Facebook Event 版面按參加。座位有限,所以請儘早確認留座。


We will be collecting  HK$20 each as donation to our charitable partner, Heifer International, Hong Kong for supporting the environment and sustainable development.


Course Highlights 課程精華:

  • 36個手勢發音
  • “三最”“壹口氣”瘋狂操練法
  • 流行漢語
  • 粵普對照
  • 1500高頻詞彙

Learn Mandarin with our professional native speaking teachers in an intimate and fun setting.


5 Responses to “Free Mandarin Workshop 免費普通話工作室”
  1. Ringo Choi 說道:

    I am interested in this Free Class, pls call me for details by email. I am avaialble to take the class in Oct, if there is one.

  2. Calvin Chi 說道:

    Very Interesting. I would like to be there.

  3. danny fang 說道:

    I will attend this saturday.

    kind regards,
    Danny Fang

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