Accounting Mandarin 專業會計普通話

專業會計普通話Keeping the books in order is a specialized skill possessed by qualified professional accountants who are often trusted with the most sensitive of information regarding a company’s bottom-line.

In dealing with multi-national corporations and other organizations with interests in either mainland China or Taiwan, for example, clear communication in Mandarin has become a critical skill for CPAs to gather and relay the most accurate figures to the concerned parties.

This is the thought process behind which our accounting Mandarin module is build from.

Part One – Professional Module / 第一節 – 專業版

  • Balance sheet analysis / 資產負債表分析
  • Consolidated profit & loss account / 綜合損益表
  • Incorporation of company / 公司註冊
  • Bankruptcy / 破產
  • Auditing / 審計
  • Taxation / 稅收
  • PRC taxation / 中國內地稅收
  • Due diligence / 盡職調查
  • Forensic accounting / 法務會計

If you’re an accounting professional and have some new ideas on how we can help you improve your language skills for work or recreation, feel free to give us a shout. We’re always open to suggestions.

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