Banking & Finance Mandarin 銀行及金融國語

銀行及金融業普通話The banking & finance sector have been suffering a major setback in the past few years since the financial tsunami of 2008. Confidence level is only just recovering but investors and capitalists in the mainland is eager to do business under strong speculation over the possible appreciation of the RMB.

Hong Kong being in a prime location in close proximity to the motherland is the springboard bankers and financiers have been frequenting for years. The ability to speak the language of the mainland has become more and more crucial as the China market becomes more and more mature.

Gone are the days of English being the gold standard that rules the land of the gatekeepers to our fortunes. Mandarin is now fast becoming the hot ticket towards a big payday in the B & F field.

Our courses are designed to give you an edge over your competition in this competitive field.

Part One – Professional Module / 第一節 – 專業版

  • Retail banking services / 零售銀行業服務
  • Personal financial services / 個人理財服務
  • Foreign exchange / 外匯
  • Credit risk & control / 信用風險與控制
  • Loans & guarantees / 貸款及擔保
  • Mortgage loans / 按揭貸款
  • Global financial markets / 環球金融市場
  • Mergers & acquisitions / 合併與收購

Take a look at our pricing packages or attend a free workshop to get a better feel for our methods and let us understand more about your level of proficiency.

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