Financial Planning Mandarin 理財策劃普通話

理財策劃普通話The need for financial planning services have never been greater than it is today. While the banking & finance industry have been handling our money for years and insurance agency taking care of us when we’re most in need, it has really been financial planning and wealth management that’s going to be the key to securing our future and help us build upon our assets.

There is no place where the need for financial planning is greater than that of China today. The reason being the rapid growth and expansion of it’s industries and trade as well as the influx of capital flooding the markets leading to many instant-rich stories that have the general population supremely eager to duplicate such success.

Without professional planning and basic financial concepts, China is fast become a nation of habitual gamblers at the mercy of the tricks and scams of  less ethical opportunists. Being able to communicate the need for better wealth protection and sustainable assets is an important mission not only for China but for the world at large.

Our Mandarin course for financial planners and wealth management professionals is engineered to provide the basic tools to liaise with mainland clients in important areas such as risk, and retirement planning.

Structured to stimulate the learners’ active involvement, the course will enhance your ability to communicate through role-playing sessions and case studies. The goal is for you to be able to extract necessary facts from the client for your planning needs and allow you to put them at ease, building trust for you and the company you represent.

Part One – Professional Module / 第一節 – 專業版

This is an 8 Chapter course catering to financial planning professionals with some industry experience and possibly already dealing with mainland clientele on a regular basis. We’re going to cover specific areas within the scope of planning and analysis, investment products, funds and other key knowledge essential to closing the deal.


Part Two – Basic Module / 第二節 – 基礎版

For a more general and relaxed approach we’ve designed this basic module to meet the needs of wealth managers who are looking to network and create business more fluidly. The focus will be in terminology and differences in customs and traditions. Common mistakes in pronunciation will also be addressed.

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