Mandarin for Children

“Play and learn" is the theme of our children’s courses, which are age-specific and match the developmental level of our students. We tailor make each course to
integrate Mandarin skills in a diverse range of playful activities that appeal to children’s
instincts to learn. Immersed in a Mandarin environment, the children will acquire speaking skills quite effortlessly. Older kids may also be taught reading and writing, which will prepare them well for the future.
By engaging our young pupils in meaningful play, our courses also promote their overall growth and development. For instance, rhymes and stories help expand children’s minds while crafts projects help enhance sensory-motor abilities and playful games provide practice for developing socials skills.

Mandarin for Pre-schools (3 yrs. and below)
Song and dance
-Listening to stories
-Card games

Our energetic and loving instructors will lead the children in song and dance and a variety of other fun activities designed to engage their interest and stimulate their natural ability to imitate the sounds they hear. Your child will never tire of the fun and games and will be uttering Mandarin phrases in no time.

Mandarin for wonder years (4 – 5 yrs.)
Song and dance
-Storytelling and listening
-Card games
-Arts and crafts
-Character recognition and writing
Studies show that children under age 6 that are exposed to a new language intensively will acquire it natively very quickly. The vibrant atmosphere created by our instructors is most conducive to effective learning. Through song and dance and other activities, the children will soon learn to speak idiomatic Mandarin and develop a sizable vocabulary. As the course progresses, students will be taught some basic reading and writing skills to provide them with a foundation for future learning .

Mandarin for Primary and Secondary school
Chinese tutoring
-Language games
-Chinese writing skills
-Poetry and essays
Tailored to meet the needs of individual students, this course adopts a flexible approach. The
objectives are to enhance students’ comprehension and memory skills, help them find solutions for learning problems and reinforce their Mandarin communication skills.

對象:        適合沒有或有一定普通話基礎的中小學生,適合需
教學方法:     拼音帶讀,反復糾音,故事朗讀,標聲調,標拼音,
•    教學內容      教授學生普通話拼音知識、發音技巧、朗讀、
•    講故事、繞口令;
•    私人上門輔導還可同時教授英文和普通話,根據家
•    長和學生的學習需要分配時間
•    私人上門輔導還可包括每天學生的作業功課輔導。
•    滿足家長及學生所有的需要。



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