Learning Mandarin – Equities Part Two / 学习普通话 – 股票第二部分

Learning Mandarin – Equities学习普通话 – 股票

Part Two – Basic Module第二部分 – 基本模块

Putonghua Pinyin made easy / 轻松学习普通话拼音

Pronunciation problems common to Cantonese-speaking finance industry practitioners /  操粤语的金融业从业人员常见的发音问题

Keys to building excellent relationships with Mainland clients / 与内地客户建立良好关系的关键

Putonghua business communication skills / 普通话商业沟通技巧

Putonghua public speaking skills / 普通话演讲技巧

Idiomatic Putonghua expressions and Cantonese equivalents / 地道的普通话与粤语的对等表达

Reading and discussing business and financial news articles from Hong Kong and the Mainland / 阅读和讨论来自香港和内地的商 业和金融类新闻和文章

Customs and traditions of Mainland China / 中国内地的传统和习俗




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