Course Details / 課程簡介

Mandarin for Adult

Designed for expatriates and overseas Chinese, our Intensive Mandarin program stresses maximum practice in conversation so that learners will acquire sufficient skills to express themselves in Mandarin with ease and style. Through an integrated approach, learners will develop reading and writing proficiencies and gain practical knowledge of Chinese society. The modular system makes the learning process very focused and allows you to pace yourself according to your goals.

Native Cantonese speakers can choose from our other programs for adults, which again are designed to teach not just language skills but also practical knowledge of Chinese society so that they will be able to communicate effectively with Mandarin speakers from the Mainland.

Intensive Mandarin Training for non-Chinese speaker

Beginner I12 Hours 1.Phonetics 


3.Making introductions

4.Numbers, time and money

5.Family relations


  • Recognize up to 200 Chinese words
  • Express oneself in a limited way
  • Able to understand straightforward information
  • Participate in simple conversations-Write simple characters
Beginner II12 Hours
Beginner III12 Hours

Intermediate I36 Hours 1.The weather
2.Clothing and accessories
4.Travel and transport
5.Discussing schedules
6.Negotiating a deal
7.Making an appointment
8.Appointment with doctor
9.Reading – short passages
0.Writing – simple sentences
  • Recognize up to 1,000 Chinese words
  • Express oneself with confidence in most normal social situations
  • Handle less complicated work-related interactions
  • Write short passages
ntermediate II36 Hours
Intermediate III36 Hours

Advance I36 Hours 1.More about Chinese 2.customs, history andculture
3.Discussing current affairs
4.Learning Chinese idioms
5.Analyzing case studies
6.Reading newspapers
7.Reading business articles
8.More Chinese writing
9.Writing – simple sentences
  • Recognize up to 2,000 Chinese words
  • Express oneself fluently in most formal and informal situations
  • Converse effectively about most practical, social and professional topics
  • Read and write Chinese in proficiency level
Advance II36 Hours
Advance III36 Hours

Advanced conversational for native Cantonese speaker

36 Hours 1.Mastering Hanyu-Pinyin 2.Phrases for everyday
3.Idiomatic expressions
4.Grammatical differences
between Mandarin and
5."Say it in Mandarin" drills
highlighting differences
between Mandarin and
6.Situation dialogue drills
This course uses a systematic, error-focused approach to help native Cantonese students master the skills of Pinyin and learn to speak proper, idiomatic Mandarin. The ample amount of spelling and oral drills gives students the practice to polish their pronunciation and grammar. Students will become fluent enough to communicate effectively in most routine work situations.


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