Learning Mandarin – Equities Part Two / 学习普通话 – 股票第二部分

Learning Mandarin – Equities学习普通话 – 股票 Part Two – … 繼續閱讀

Learning Mandarin – Legal 学习普通话 – 法律 – Part Two

Part Two – Basic Module 第二部分 – 基本模块 Putonghua Pin … 繼續閱讀

Legal Service / 法律服務

Learning Mandarin – Legal 学习普通话 – 法律 &#8211 … 繼續閱讀

Equities market/ 股票市場

Learning Mandarin – Equities 学习普通话 – 股票 课程目标: 专为金 … 繼續閱讀

Private Lesson / 私人授課普通話

私人授課普通話會話工作坊(單對單) 對象 適合任何欲學好普通話人士 入學資格 具壹般中文閱讀能力 課程特色 單 … 繼續閱讀

Part One – Professional Module / 第一節 – 專業版


This is an 8 Chapter course catering to financial planning professionals with some industry experience and possibly already dealing with mainland clientele on a regular basis. We’re going to cover specific areas within the scope of planning and analysis, investment products, funds and other key knowledge essential to closing the deal.


Financial Planning Mandarin 理財策劃普通話


The need for financial planning services have never been greater than it is today. While the banking & finance industry have been handling our money for years and insurance agency taking care of us when we’re most in need, it has really been financial planning and wealth management that’s going to be the key to securing our future and help us build upon our assets.

Our Mandarin course for financial planners and wealth management professionals is engineered to provide the basic tools to liaise with mainland clients in important areas such as risk, and retirement planning.

Banking & Finance Mandarin 銀行及金融國語


Hong Kong being in a prime location in close proximity to the motherland is the springboard bankers and financiers have been frequenting for years. The ability to speak the language of the mainland has become more and more crucial as the China market becomes more and more mature.

Gone are the days of English being the gold standard that rules the land of the gatekeepers to our fortunes. Mandarin is now fast becoming the hot ticket towards a big payday in the B & F field.

Our courses are designed to give you an edge over your competition in this competitive field.

Accounting Mandarin 專業會計普通話


Keeping the books in order is a specialized skill possessed by qualified professional accountants who are often trusted with the most sensitive of information regarding a company’s bottom-line.

In dealing with multi-national corporations and other organizations with interests in either mainland China or Taiwan, for example, clear communication in Mandarin has become a critical skill for CPAs to gather and relay the most accurate figures to the concerned parties.

If you’re an accounting professional and have some new ideas on how we can help you improve your language skills for work or recreation, feel free to give us a shout. We’re always open to suggestions.

Corporate Mandarin Lessons 企業普通話課程


As we all know, having employees with good Mandarin language abilities is one of the key to success in China. It’s paramount that any organizations seeking success in China first equipped themselves by taking these courses. As we all know that, employees’ Mandarin language abilities are paramount to any organization wanting to compete in China’s rapidly growing market.

Whatever your company requires in corporate language training, we can design Charter Lessons customized to suit your needs.