Ideology / 理念

At CDB, we teach you new language very similar to the way you learned your first language. It differs, however, in that the curriculum is sequenced and structured to make it possible for adults to assimilate a new language in the shortest amount of time as possible. Four important features of our method are:


  • Gimmick-Free – We don’t use time consuming, quality diluting gadgets which can slow the learning process. At CDB the curriculum is founded on an effective, time tested conversational learning approach.
  • Real-time – Students learn to think and speak his/her new language without hesitation. The speed of learning is maximized by eliminating the laborious mental process of translation. By teaching the student to think “natively", we encourage speaking in a new language with reflex action.
  • Native Instruction – All our instructors are fully trained in the “Total Conversational Approach” conducting lessons in his or her first language. Native fluency and authoritative expertise in their language is assured and unmatched by those teaching only with second language ability. Of course, this means that the student will learn the spoken language and not a stilted textbook approximation.
  • Progressive Learning – New vocabulary, sentence structures, phrases, and expressions are taught in their natural progression. Skills are expanded naturally, building upon previous conversations mastered through practices. Oral and aural proficiency is developed by teaching the most frequently used aspects of the language tailored to the background and specific needs of the student.
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