FAQ / 常見問題

常見問題This is where you’ll find the answers to pretty much all the questions you’ll have about us. But if you’re so interested, why not simply give us a call at +852 3188 3829 or email us? Isn’t it better to have someone to talk to? Better yet, attend a free workshop!

Why CDB World?

It really depends on how much you value your time and money. We are a customized solution provider only interested in what you the client want. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our goal is to give you exactly what you need. We can adapt to any material or requirements set by you, the students and our flexibility in scheduling makes us an obvious and convenient choice for everyone from children to busy professionals.

What is our method?

While we may sometimes call it a method, it is more of an ideology. A way of learning instinctively and naturally without distractions. Pickup good pronunciation, current idioms and practice everyday conversations without tedious translation, rigid instructions on grammatical rules or mind-numbing memorizations. Visit our dedicated section to find out more.

How is CDB different from other language schools?

Traditional language training institutions are burdened by systems and curriculums that limit the ways in which students can learn a new language. While there are freelance instructors available for customized private training, their rates are usually quite high and their quality is often marginal at best. At CDB world, we position ourselves right in the middle of these two extremes. With clearly defined course outlines, we offer prospective students a broad picture of what they’ll be getting. But we also allow for flexibility in letting the students decide what material suits them best. The structure of institutions with the adaptability of freelancers; we really do have the best of both worlds. Since learning a new language should be instinctive, choosing us should be a reflex action as well.

What are the qualifications of our instructors?

CDB instructors are professional people, well versed in our methods. Each will be teaching in his or her native tongue with the authority unmatched by someone teaching with merely second language ability. All CDB instructors must be college graduates or its equivalent in their respective countries. In addition, each instructor must undergo at least one week of pre-employment training. Therefore, CDB instructors are not only well educated but we are also quite confident about their character and dedication.

What are the benefits of a native-fluent instructor?

A native-fluent instructor will ensure that the student hears, repeats, and speaks with the proper pronunciation and natural correct grammar. Thus, the student will be able to mimic and replicate the new language seamlessly and be understood in the shortest amount of time.

Will there be study materials to be used?

At CDB, we source the right material according to student’s needs. Consultation and suggestions will be provided prior to the first lesson all all material will be provided at the expense of the student. This way students only pay for what they use and nothing more.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

As an environmentally conscious company, we at CDB are strong advocates of paperless communications. A completion certificate (Final Report) will be provided in digital format emailed to the student who finishes all of his or her course work. However, a printed certificate can be presented upon the student’s request but with an additional cost. Both the digital and printed certificate will state the language studied, at which centre, and the final completion date.

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