Pricing & Packages/ 定價+套餐

Pricing & Packages會員計畫 / Membership Plan

Plan 基本計畫

Basic Plan


Value Plan


Elite Plan


Ultra Plan

Hourly Rates hk$200 *hk$200 *hk$200 *hk$200
Basic Hours 20 hrs 40 hrs 60 hrs 80 hrs

*Special deals and bonus offers available for these plans. Please ask for more information.

商務套餐 / Business Package

Please ask about our business packages.

私人補習 / Private Tuition

  • 一枝獨秀 single – 200hk$/hour
  • 二不容遲 duo – 300hk$/hour
  • 三思后行 triple – 400hk$/hour

* These hourly rates are based on a minimum purchase of 20 hours.

特約課程 / Charter Courses

We design customized training solutions for businesses with specific needs. Please call or email us what your requirements are likely to be (Time frame, number of delegates, location, preferred materials) and we’ll respond with a quotation ASAP.

Bonus Features

  • 幻彩語言沙龍 / Colorful Language Salon
    (Weekly) gathering at our centre with discussions on special topics including current events, classic movies, traditional Chinese culture and customs, etc…
  • 奇趣工作室 / Interesting Workshops
    (Bi-weekly) field-trips in Hong Kong and sometimes Shenzhen experiencing various activities such as Chinese cooking, Chinese karaoke singing, shopping excursions while learning Mandarin at the same time.
  • 參考材料包 / Reference Materials
    (Monthly) pack of learning materials including listening CDs/DVDs, books, and other goodies prepared by our instructors.
  • 加料課程 / Bonus Courses
    (Bi-monthly) seminar and bonus training courses that goes beyond language learning on topics such as leadership, ancient Chinese philosophies, environmental issues, and so on.
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